Chocolate Product Description:

Chocolate products usually refer to these products:

  • Use a variety of candies, nuts or rice noodle products as the core, and then cover the surface with different types of chocolate in different processes;
  • Inject different core materials between different types of chocolate;
  • Mix various nuts on the outside of different types of chocolate.

Different Types of Chocolate Products:

According to the different composition and production technology, chocolate candies can basically be divided into the following types:

(1) Filled chocolate

Internationally, the name of the filled chocolate is regulated.

  • Any product with less than 60% of the outer layer of chocolate is called chocolate candies, such as chocolate bonbons, chocolate nougats, etc.;
  • Products that use more than 60% of the outer layer of chocolate are called chocolates, such as milk almond syrup chocolate, apple jam chocolate and so on.

Filled Chocolate Products

(2) Chocolate with nuts
All kinds of whole, half or broken nuts are mixed with pure chocolate in a certain proportion, and then produced by the production process of casting to make products of various specifications and shapes. Such as almond, hazelnut or peanut milk chocolate, etc.

(3) Polished chocolate
There are two types of polished chocolate: one is to use leaved rice, sugar cores or nuts as the core, and cover a layer of chocolate on the outside, and then polish to make products with a very bright surface that are round, oblate, oval and other different shapes.

The second is to make chocolate cores of different shapes, cover the surface with a thin layer of icing, and then polish to make icing chocolates of different shapes.

Polished Chocolate With Nuts

A chocolate polishing machine can help you quickly produce various polished chocolates, which are widely used in various chocolate factories.

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