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Automatic Chocolate Chips Production Line

The chocolate chips production line is used to produce all kinds of small-particle chocolate products with a large output. Stainless steel material, PLC control system, high precision.


Introduction of Chocolate Chips Production Line

This production line is mainly composed of a melting pot, a refiner, a magnetic filter cartridge, a storage tank, a ball mill, a tempering machine, a chips depositing machine, and a cooling tunnel.

It is a fully automatic modern chocolate chip production line.

Chocolate Chips Production Line Factory
Chocolate Chips Production Line Factory

How to Make Chocolate Chips?

1. Melting pot: used to melt solid cocoa butter into liquid.
2. Chocolate refiner: finely grind the chocolate slurry, the average fineness can reach 20μm, and the fine grinding time is generally 16-22h.
3. Chocolate storage tank: store the refined chocolate slurry at the rated temperature.
4. Chocolate ball mill: ideal equipment for high-efficiency fine grinding of chocolate slurry and similar low-fat slurry. Usually combined with the refiner as a single or comprehensive processing system.
5. Chocolate tempering machine: After continuous temperature regulation, the temperature curve of the chocolate slurry meets the technological requirements, ensuring that the chocolate product has excellent crystallization, smooth taste, bright and non-smooth, and good storage performance.
6. Chocolate chip depositor machine: special equipment for producing small particles of drip-shaped chocolate, such as drop-shaped particles, button-shaped particles and other types of particles.
7. Cooling tunnel: continuous circulating refrigeration output system to maintain a constant temperature. High cooling efficiency.

Chocolate Chips Making Machine for Sale
Chocolate Chips Making Machine for Sale

We can customize different solutions according to customer requirements to adapt to customers’ different product and output requirements.

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