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Industrial Chocolate Melting Machine Pot 200-200L

The chocolate melting machine is mainly used to melt cocoa liquor or cocoa butter, and is used in connection with a refiner. Automatic temperature control, stainless steel material.

Introduction of Industrial Chocolate Melting Machine

The chocolate melting pot melts solid materials to liquid by heating, mainly to melt cocoa liquor or cocoa butter. It can be equipped with a slurry pump and a flow meter to directly input the slurry into the refiner.

Features of Chocolate Melter Machine for Sale

  • Various heating methods, heating the water in the interlayer by putting in steam or heating electric heating tube.
  • Automatic temperature control. When electric heating, a temperature controller is generally used for automatic control.
  • High-quality material. The inside is 304 stainless steel, the outside is 201 stainless steel (all can be changed to 304 stainless steel)

Industrial Chocolate Melting Pot

Parameter of Chocolate Melting Machine


The Operation Points of Chocolate Melting Pot

  • Be careful when discharging the melted cocoa butter liquid: prevent scalding.
  • The storage time of cocoa butter in the melting pot after melting should not be too long, so as not to affect the quality of cocoa butter, thereby affecting the quality of chocolate products produced.
  • It is strictly forbidden to turn on the electric heating when there is no water in the jacket water layer to avoid burning the electric heater.

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