Chocolate Machine

Chocolate Decorating Machine 400-1500mm Wire

This machine can be used to decorate the surface of chocolate or biscuits with different patterns of chocolate slurry. The special rotor pump for chocolate has stable slurry delivery and smooth effect.

Introduction of Chocolate Decorating Machine

The decorating machine is used to decorate the product surface with different patterns of chocolate paste, such as biscuits, bread, chocolate, candy, etc. There are many patterns to choose from.

The machine is equipped with a feeding system, which is generally used in conjunction with the chocolate enrober machine. The selection specifications should match the enrober.

New Chocolate Decorating Machine Price

Advantages of Chocolate Decorator Machine

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, it can be used flexibly with the cooling tunnel.
  • High strength, good durability and long service life.
  • Using a rotor pump dedicated for chocolate, the slurry is stable and the effect is smooth.
  • The pipelines through which the chocolate slurry flows are all double-layer insulated pipes to ensure smooth flow of the chocolate slurry.

Parameter of Chocolate Decorating Machine

Power (kw)
Size (mm)1100*940*15601100*1140*15601100*1340*15601100*1540*1560
Weight (kg)250300350400
Decorating patternsWavy line & Straight line

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