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Factory Chocolate Depositor Machine Manufacturer

The chocolate depositor machine can be used to produce single-color, two-color, and center-filled chocolates. High-precision quantitative pouring and positioning template, special equipment for chocolate factory.

Introduction of Chocolate Depositor Machine

This equipment is a special equipment for quantitatively pouring chocolate. It has the functions of automatic mold drying, automatic pouring, and sufficient vibration. It is used to produce single-color, two-color, and filled chocolate.

It has the advantages of simple structure, accurate pouring quantity, accurate template positioning, wide application template and low labor intensity.

Chinese Chocolate Depositor Manufacturer

One Shot Depositor Chocolate Machine can produce single color, left and right two-color and pulp sandwich chocolate. It is a full-automatic pouring machine integrating drying, pouring, vibrating, cooling, demoulding and conveying;

Double Shot Chocolate Depositor Machine can produce single color, left and right two colors, up and down two colors and paste sandwich chocolate. It is a full-automatic pouring machine integrating drying mold, secondary pouring, secondary vibrating mold, secondary cooling, demoulding and conveying.

High Quality Chocolate Depositor Machine for Sale

Advantages of Chocolate Depositor for Sale

  • Accurate pouring quantity: The frequency conversion (servo) motor stroke is used to accurately control the pouring quantity, and the error does not exceed 2g.
  • Precise template positioning: no template, no pouring, accurate control.
  • PLC intelligent control, large-size touch screen operation, easy operation and intelligent fault diagnosis.
  • The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic.
  • Multiple functions: mainly used for pouring single-color, double-color, and filled chocolate.

Parameter of Chocolate Depositing Machine

ModelLG-CJZ150LG-CJZ175LG-CJZ175 (Two Shot)LG-CJZ510LG-CJZ510 (Two Shot)
Capacity(mould pieces/min)6-156-156-156-156-15
Quantity of Moulds(pieces)200280330280330
Size of  Mould(mm)275*175*30330*200*30330*200*30510*200*30510*200*30
Size of Machine(mm)4000*520*150016000*1000*160016000*1000*180016000*2000*160016000*2000*1800

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