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Professional Chocolate Conche Machine Price 500-3000 L

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The chocolate conche machine has the functions of grinding and refining, with long refining time and high fineness. It is an essential equipment for making chocolate.

This is a professional chocolate conche machine, which is essential for the production of chocolate. It has the functions of grinding and refining, and the average fine particle size of the produced chocolate slurry can reach 20um.

Structure of Chocolate Conche Machine for Sale

  • The body part is composed of cylinder and double jacket. Cooling water, hot water or steam can pass through the jacket.
  • In the rotor part, a round blade holder is installed on the main shaft, and a strip scraper is installed on the blade holder.
  • In the transmission part, the motor drives the reducer through a three-stage helical gear to rotate the rotor.

Best Chocolate Conche Machine Price

Advantages of Chocolate Conching Machine

  • The fine grinding time can be set, generally 16 ~ 22h, so as to achieve the fineness of production requirements.
  • The closed structure ensures the sanitation of the slurry during the fine grinding process.
  • Double-layer jacket insulation, temperature can be adjusted by electric heating control, good insulation performance.
  • Tight structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Chocolate Conche Machine Manufacturer

Longer Machinery is a famous manufacturer of chocolate machinery in China. It is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and trading. We supply various chocolate machines and can also design and plan factories for our customers.

China Chocolate Conche Machine Manufacturer

Parameters of Chocolate Conching Machine for Sale

Maximum capacity(L)500100020003000
Fine grinding size(μm)20-2520-2520-2520-25
Fine grinding time(h)12-1814-2018-2218-22
Power of motor(kw)15223737
Power of electric heater(kw)7.57.599

For the Chocolate Conche Machine Price:

Machines of different outputs have different prices. The price of our 500L refiner is around $13,000. The larger the output, the higher the price. Users can choose the right machine according to their needs.

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