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Continuous Chocolate Ball Mill Machine for Sale SUS304

The chocolate ball mill can finely grind the chocolate slurry, and it can achieve continuous production with a refiner, a heat preservation cylinder, and a slurry pump, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Introduction of Chocolate Ball Mill Machine

Ball mill is an ideal equipment for high-efficiency fine grinding of chocolate slurry and similar low-fat slurry. This machine has the advantages of high capacity, low energy consumption, uniform fineness, etc., and is widely used in large and medium-sized cocoa and chocolate processing plants.

Machine material: outsourcing SUS304; special steel mixing system; bearing steel grinding ball.

1000 KG Chocolate Ball Mill for Sale

Continuous Chocolate Ball Mill Process:

Two main shafts with discs drive the alloy steel balls to rotate. Through the collision and friction between the steel balls in the machine and the material, the fineness of the chocolate slurry particles (20-25μm) is continuously reduced, so as to meet the demand for chocolate products.

Chocolate Ball Milling System

The ball mill can be used alone (after the slurry is mixed), or it can be equipped with a refiner, a heat preservation cylinder, and a slurry pump to form a processing system to achieve continuous and efficient production, reduce labor intensity, and improve production efficiency.

Chocolate Ball Mill Manufacturer in China

Advantages of Chocolate Ball Mill Machine

  • High efficiency, less refining time than traditional chocolate conches, and large production capacity.
  • PLC automatic controller, simple operation.
  • High-fineness chocolate sauce, 20-25μm.
  • The electric heating system can maintain the temperature of the chocolate sauce so that it will not freeze.
  • With cool-hot water exchanger.

Parameter of Chocolate Ball Mill for Sale

LG-CQM500382320 *1070*23854000500

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