In chocolate making, conching is the process of converting an inhomogeneous mixture of fat, sugar, and cocoa solids into a uniform, flowing liquid. The conching process is the process of further improving the quality of chocolate. Refined chocolate has a pleasant mouthfeel, chewable and easy to melt, and has a unique aroma.

Conching was originally performed in a circular trough shaped like a conch shell, conche gets its name from the Spanish word “concha” which means shell.

What Is Conching In Chocolate Making
What Is Conching In Chocolate Making

Chocolate Conching Process:

Before conching was invented, chocolate had a rough texture. Because the ingredients can form rough, irregular clumps that don’t flow smoothly when combined with cocoa butter using other methods.

While the conching process breaks down chunks of raw material into finer particles, mechanical action also breaks up groups of solid particles and reduces friction between particles to produce smooth chocolate.

The refining and conching of chocolate is divided into two steps. The first step is to remove excess water and purify the aroma; the second step is to re-add cocoa butter and other ingredients, stir and grind them into finer small molecules, so as to form a delicate and smooth chocolate. texture. Generally, the longer the conching time, the better quality and higher the price of the finished chocolate.

Chocolate Conche Machine:

We use professional machines to complete the chocolate conching process, and the average fineness of the chocolate sauce can reach 20-25um. The conche can evenly mix the raw materials of the chocolate slurry; under the action of lecithin, it also plays a good role in diluting and emulsifying the chocolate slurry. At the same time, during the grinding process, it also plays a role in dehydration and deodorization, and can maintain the natural color and aroma of chocolate.

Conche Machine for Making Chocolate
Conche Machine for Making Chocolate

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