Chocolate moulding refers to the rapid transformation of chocolate material from fluid to stable solid. After the molding process, the chocolate product will obtain the best quality of gloss, fragrance and structure.

The following will mainly introduce the chocolate moulding process and equipment in the chocolate factory.

Required Equipment:

  • Choose a mold that meets the casting requirements. Common is the polycarbonate chocolate molds.
  • A chocolate depositing machine with good performance.
  • The cooler ensures that the chocolate is demoulded normally.

Continuous Chocolate Moulding Process

Continuous Chocolate Moulding Process

Step 1
Grind, refine and temper the chocolate.

Step 2
The temperature-regulated chocolate material is sent to the mold casting machine, the temperature of the material is maintained by the jacket heating device of the hopper, and the material is accurately and quantitatively injected into the lower mold plate through the piston;

Step 3
The mold plate enters the vibration zone composed of a group of vibration devices. The mold plate is used on the vibrator with adjustable frequency and amplitude to remove the bubbles in the material, and the material is evenly distributed in the mold plate;

Step 4
The die plate enters into a cooling tunnel running in multiple layers. The cold air circulates in the tunnel to reduce the temperature of the material. The cold air temperature can be adjusted to maintain different cooling temperatures in each section.

Step 5
After the chocolate solidifies and shrinks, the mold plate enters the demolding area. Before demolding, it undergoes another vibration, the mold plate is turned over, the chocolate and the mold are separated, and the chocolate is transported to the packaging system by the transmission belt.

What you need to know to make moulded chocolate continuously?

In chocolate molding, a very important factor is the viscosity of the material. If the material is too thick, it will affect the transportation and distribution of the material.

  • The water content of the material has a great influence on the viscosity. The moisture content of the chocolate material cannot exceed 1%.
  • Strictly control the temperature of the material. Generally, the casting temperature is kept at 27~29℃, and the viscosity should not exceed 20Pa·s.
  • The cooling temperature and time are well controlled. It is advisable to solidify the chocolate material at 8~10℃, and the time is generally 25~30 minutes.

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