In July 2021, our 5 chocolate tempering machines were sold to Australia, each with a capacity of 250kg/h. The shipment has been completed and is waiting for the customer to receive the goods.

This client is a well-known importer and exporter in Australia, mainly providing various food processing machinery for local enterprises. There are many local chocolate factories, so chocolate machinery is very popular. The customer imported 5 chocolate tempering machines for sale in Australia at a time.

Chocolate Tempering Machine for Sale Australia
Chocolate Tempering Machine for Sale Australia

Structure of Chocolate Tempering Machine Australia

It is mainly composed of temperature control center, cold and hot water circulation pipeline system, circuit system including temperature sensor and solenoid valve, heating, refrigeration, cabinet, etc. (The refrigeration system is an optional part, and the customer decides whether to choose it or not).

Function of the Chocolate Tempering Machine for Sale Australia

This machine is specially designed for natural chocolate production according to the characteristics of natural cocoa butter and cocoa butter-like tempering oil.

The chocolate tempering machine adopts a vertical structure. First, the chocolate slurry is input from the bottom of the temperature control host by a slurry pump. Then, five-stage continuous temperature adjustment is realized through four temperature control areas and heat preservation areas, so that the temperature curve of the chocolate slurry meets the process requirements. So as to ensure that the chocolate product has excellent crystallization, smooth taste, bright and non-satisfying, and good storage performance.

Chocolate Tempering Machine in Australia
Chocolate Tempering Machine in Australia

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