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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Making Machine Price

Our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Making Machine is a specialized device tailored for precise chocolate pouring in a controlled and efficient manner. The molding machine boasts a durable frame that ensures stability and longevity, and will offer a seamless and delectable production process for chocolate manufacturers.

Main Structure:

The heart of this exceptional machine lies in its advanced structure. Utilizing a proximity switch to govern the motor’s start and stop for template positioning, the variable frequency (servo) motor takes charge of the pouring process. Another variable frequency (servo) motor governs the pouring stroke, ensuring meticulous control over the quantity of chocolate poured.
The precision-engineered moulding system guarantees consistent shapes and sizes, allowing for a flawless production of tantalizing chocolate peanut butter cups.

Good Quality Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Making Machine
Good Quality Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Making Machine

Advantages of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Making Machine:

1. Precision Moulding: Our machine ensures precise and uniform moulding, producing chocolate peanut butter cups with consistent quality.
2. Efficiency Redefined: The machine features automatic mold baking, automatic pouring, and full vibration functions. Experience a significant boost in production efficiency with our automated process, reducing manual labor and maximizing output.
3. Versatility: Adapt to diverse consumer preferences with customizable moulds, allowing you to create a variety of shapes and sizes to meet market demands.
4. Hygienic Design: The machine’s easy-to-clean design and food-grade materials uphold the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring the production of safe and delicious treats.
5. With wide application formwork, low labor intensity, and convenient operation and maintenance, this machine is designed to elevate your production efficiency.


ModelLG-CJZ175LG-CJZ175 (Two Head)LG-CJZ510LG-CJZ510 (Two Head)
Capacity(mould pieces/min)6-156-156-156-15
Quantity of Moulds(pieces)280330280330
Size of  Mould(mm)330*200*30330*200*30510*200*30510*200*30
Size of Machine(mm)16000*1000*160016000*1000*180016000*2000*160016000*2000*1800

Application Scope of Chocolate Cups Making Machine:

Our pouring machines are versatile. It is specially tailored to meet the diverse needs of chocolate manufacturers and can be used to produce sandwich chocolates, including chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate cereal cups, single-color and double-color chocolate pouring, etc. This equipment is the ideal solution for the chocolate confectionery industry.

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