In chocolate production, the conching of ingredients is a basic and important part. The cocoa liquor made by the initial grinding, the processed sugar powder, plus a certain amount of cocoa butter, milk powder, seasoning, surfactants and spices, etc. They are further ground, called conching.

Why is Conching Important?

The cocoa mass or powdered sugar that has been ground only has large particles and has a rough feeling after entering the oral cavity. Therefore, it must be finely ground to make the particles smaller.

When the particles of the refined material are between 18-23 microns, the chocolate will not have a grainy feeling after entering the human mouth, so this is a necessary requirement.

Why is Conching Important

The Chocolate Conching Process:

In the conching process, mechanical extrusion and friction are used to make the material particles smaller (cocoa liquor, powdered sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, etc.). Until the average particle size of the material particles reaches 18-23 microns, the chocolate sauce can meet the technical requirements.

Chocolate Conching Temperature and Time:

The conching of the chocolate conche should be constant at 40~42℃, not more than 50℃. Too high temperature will affect the aroma and quality of chocolate. The continuous conching of each cylinder should be controlled within 16 to 24 hours. In the chocolate refinement process, adding 1/3 to 1/2 of the total fat of the formula is beneficial to reduce the refinement time and improve production efficiency.

Chocolate Conching Machine

There are many ways and corresponding equipment for chocolate grind. At present, there are different types of equipment such as roller mill and barrel type fine grinding, and their performance is also different. The equipment should be selected reasonably according to the process conditions of fine grinding, processing time, processing power, etc., which can achieve the dual effects of technology and economy.

Our factory supplies a chocolate conche, as shown in the picture below. This refiner has the dual functions of grinding and refining, and is the most ideal equipment for the production of chocolate slurry. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low one-time investment, and quick start-up.

Chocolate Conche Machine China
Chocolate Conche Machine China

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